I spent on more props, with TerryMcG (Nice guy! Highly recommended to donate for some of his figures!). Went on a quick Poser comeback for a few short pictures – […]

I haven’t updated gallery for a while. Found some of the pages for God is Dead comics to be posted up. Updated it to also allow for registered users to […]

I had for a while now written some stories with more than one ending, but found it difficult to juggle it in a .txt file, having to settle for one […]

Without getting into spoilers. IT WAS AWESOME! Ok, they rewrote some of her origins (again!), but I don’t mind some of the changes. Though the way they treated the Gods […]

It’s now up to season 4 – and I am still only great at a handful of Gods. Aphrodite is still my main. And with the new ‘improved’ stars system […]

Yep, Got a new Gallery based off a new software. I can see I’m getting a lot of spam posters (I clean them out!) – even with some filtering there. […]