It’s now up to season 4 – and I am still only great at a handful of Gods. Aphrodite is still my main. And with the new ‘improved’ stars system […]

Yep, Got a new Gallery based off a new software. I can see I’m getting a lot of spam posters (I clean them out!) – even with some filtering there. […]

Australian Public is stupid. You voted in the Liberal Party, over .. well.. nothing. Economic Management? FAIL. Environment policies? FAIL. Internet? FAIL. Big Business tax breaks? PASS.. oh wait.. I’m […]

Finally got a chance to fire up ol’ Poser again. Posted up “Bad Moon Rising” (First render for years), and found a few old ones – including Artemis:Hoof Stomped. All […]

Looked at the latest state of my PC and the Internet on the announcement of Poser 11. Looks like a very minor update – but also at the state of […]